Judicial Branch FullCourt Project

     FullCourt Implementation was the 1st major step in the Court Information Technology Master Plan for Kansas Courts. The implementation of this accounting and case management system changed the way in which courts collect, disseminate and report information on cases under their jurisdiction. With the help of court personnel, 108 courts were completed July 2004 with Shawnee County joining this system in May 2015.

     The next step in the Master Plan was to implement e-Filing with training and technical support available. We are nearing statewide completion of implementation of e-Filing by end of June 2016. Johnson County have their own case management system which includes e-Filing.

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Clerk Reminder

A couple reminders for District Court Clerks and staff to remember:

If an Attorney's name turns red when or after being assigned to a case, he or she hasn't paid their Law Library Fees. You should update the Expiration Date in the Attorney Table for each Attorney as they make their fees payment.

You need to reset your case numbers for each case type to 1 at the beginning of each new Calendar Year.

For more reminders and other helpful hints and suggestions click here.

Terminal Services Advisory

Any court anticipating using their FullCourt server as both server and workstation are cautioned to reconsider that decision. It is the recommendation of OJA that you consider not only purchasing a "Configuration Type I" server but also an additional workstation; thus eliminating the dual usage for your server.

Please contact OJA if you have any doubts about your hardware needs. Click here for Hardware Requirements.

FullCourt Software

The Courts should make arrangements with their vendor to have all software installed upon initial installation of their new Server and Workstations. Should the court already have the new equipment installed, arrangements need to be made with each court vendor to arrange installation of the software.

Oracle, pcAnywhere and FullCourt & Jury must be installed on the Server. A client version of Oracle must be installed on each Workstation to run FullCourt and Jury. In addition to the installation and setup guides included on the FullCourt & Jury Installation CD, detailed installation and setup guides are available here for courts to print and present to their vendor.


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